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Timing of remortgage

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bigbutsrus1 Fri 17-May-13 14:29:03

We are all set to borrow another £15000 to do an extension (have some saved). I am already to book the deal for £99 & then you have to take it within 3 months - however..... Yesterday my DH was told by his boss that they "may" have to make some redundancies shock I am torn between just going for it & putting extra mortgage into an account & waiting till we need it, as only just at planning stage. DH job has done this before as in the trades but mine NHS is stable. It would only be £84 extra each month. Half of me feels sensible & thinks no just waithmm the other half just thinks go for it, rates are low, we need the space & we would have to wait for months if DH has a new job (payslips etc). We have no other debts apart from easily manageable mortgage. I have been dreaming & and planning this for ages - timing couldn't be worsehmmworst case senario would be we don't get planning - but all the other neighbours have it etc & only single story straightforward so not anticipating any hitches - what would you do!?

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