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mother-in-law fraudulently claiming attendance allowance

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Trudi3 Thu 16-May-13 15:41:00

I have just been looking after/nursing my mother-in-law after major operation in hospital, she has been living with us (she discharged herself early saying we would look after her!) I have been bathing her, doing her dressing, injections, other medication, washing, shopping, cooking, full care in fact. In preparation for her going home I assisted her completing a form for attendance allowance as she still needed assistance with bathing, although she is perfectly able to wash herself. I posted it off for her. Last night she rang and told us that she already gets attendance allowance. Gov.UK have contacted me today, they are wondering why another claim has been put in as she already receives it. Bearing in mind that she was fully independent before the op. (driving, playing golf, holidaying) they say that she has been claiming it since 2005, she originally told them that she needed assistance with toileting, personal care, washing, dressing etc. I cannot believe it, there is no way she needed this help, I'm furious with her for misleading me (not telling me she already gets it while we were completing the form together) and fraudulently claiming money prior to her op. for all that time knowing that she was not entitled to it (her brain is fully in tact and she would most definitely know she was receiving this money for care that she did not need) I am also cross now knowing that she was receiving money for her care, she gave not a penny towards her keep, food, washing etc. What to do?

Rockchick1984 Thu 16-May-13 15:55:12

Personally I'd report her, but a lot of people would disagree with me as its family.

burberryqueen Thu 16-May-13 15:56:57

other than what rockchick said, which might well cause great upset, there is not a lot you can do.

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