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I didnt tell HMRC I stopped working. Am I in trouble?

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susanawan Thu 16-May-13 13:04:57

Ok so first of all I'm not proud of what I've done but I really need help.

Last year march I was getting income support and other benefits because I'm a single parent and I have a 5 yr old daughter. I was keen to get out of benefits and start working so I got a job as a trainee beauty therapist. It was not apprenticeship but train while you work so I was given 600 pounds a month as salary and I was working 42 hours a week. After about 2-3 months I had to leave the job but I didn't notify HMRC that I stopped working. I was scared that they would stop paying me working tax credits and child tax credits. I thought I would go back to benefits until I got another job but My employer ( who was giving me 600 p/m) never gave me any pay slips or even p60 That you are meant to get after yo stop working or p 45 or any document. So I was stuck with not applying for benefits and not telling hmrc about stopping work. Now Last month I called HMRC and told them that I have just stopped working ( koz I was done with being scared that they would find out, But now I'm scared that they will still find out . They said ok and the changes will take place in 28 days. Now I'm sooooooo scared that they will find out That i havent worked since 10 months. There must be a system for them to find out right?? Though there was no paper work but my employer took my N.I number before I started working so I believe Im going to be in trouble soon. I also sent HMRC my tax form stating I was working the same. Please don't judge me and just tell me what should I do. I havent heard anythin from HMRC since I told them that I've stopped working. Nothing about an investigation or anything bad.
What should I do now? Will they definitely find out that I wasn't working? Or should I just stay quiet and let the matter die as they know I'm not working anymore. Or should I just confess and may be they will b lenient that way
Please give me honest advice. Thank you so much

LIZS Fri 17-May-13 16:01:46

If it was a Tax Return , completed last October, then it would have been for income April 2011- April 2012. That is entirely separate from Tax Credits renewal or claim. You need to call whoever you spoke to last month confused and say you made a mistake and give them the real date your employment finished. Mistakes can be checked back years, producing bills out of the blue, and if they uncover one irregularity - yours or your employers' - later on they may well look even further back in case of others. Better to face up now, it may well not be as bad as you fear .

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