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TAX CREDIT REVIEW HELP!! Please! Long post sorry..

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1982help Tue 14-May-13 13:00:04

I have got a letter asking why I have made a single claim, instead of a joint one. They have his name. He's my ex! We don't live together! We do have a daughter together though. But we haven't been a couple for two years! They say a credit ref agency has sent them info that shows there may be another adult living at my address. They want a load of info from May - July 2012 and Jan - March 2013, bank statements, rent agreement, council tax bills, gas, electric and water bills, phone bill, credit card statements, and 'any other info' to explain why I claimed as a single person.

I have gathered most of it together, rent agreement (in my name) council tax bills (my name with 25% discount) gas,electric, water bills, (all in my name) I also have the receipts for paying these which will correspond on my bank statements as I pay fortnightly at the post office on payment cards as I have previous debt that I pay off along with my usage. I need to print off my credit card statement as they are online only (also my name) I have to print off also my plusnet phone/internet bill as that is online too (my name) The only 'other info' I can think of to give is my TV licence.. which I have a copy of (my name of course!) All of which you can see on my bank statements comes out of my bank. What else could I send them?

Looking at my bank statements it's obvious I'm single I'm hoping! The only thing that isn't housing benefit/income support/tax credits/child benefit that goes in my account is two lots of £70 (he gave to his mum to give to me for our daughters swimming lessons) which you can see on the statement goes straight to the swimming instructors bank account. Also £150 from my nanna at Xmas and £150 from her again around my wee girls birthday. I have an ISA in my name for our daughter that we both put £10 into every month. It has about £700 in it. No money has ever been taken out of it. I have copies of the in goings which I printed off at the bank, so sending that as well...

From reading a lot of other posts (some of which make me worried!) the only thing I can see connecting him here is a bank statement of his that gets mailed here. I said numerous times for him to change his address at the bank (he now lives with his two brothers, mum and his stepdad in a village a few miles away) I have a huge pile of them here unopened which he's never bothered about picking up as I guess he has online banking. I also spoke to him briefly about this letter and he said my address is on his wage slips but as they get given out at work and not posted, he's never changed that either! He said he will do it asap. But he also said he would do with the bank statements ages ago and never bothered!

The thing that does worry me is the talk of penalties and prosecution on the letter! What if they decide I'm lying and stop my tax credits??? I struggle as it is! Then there is the case of my income support and housing benefit Will they then stop them too and prosecute me? I don't know what I'd do! My wee girl isn't at school yet and I can't go to work! (My previous employer sacked me 8 days after I told them I was pregnant so I had to go onto benefits)

I have to send them everything by 29/05/13 then I have up to 31st July to 'finalise my award' or I can call them to finalise earlier. It's a really scary letter and It's worrying me! Can anyone who works for CAB or tax credit people or anyone who has had one of thee letters please advise me what else I can do?

wouldliketobethere Wed 03-Jul-13 12:06:05

Good news thanks for updating.

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