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Ex owes me money....

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Lmccrean Sun 21-May-06 17:39:58

My ex (we broke up January last year) owed me £1700, and its now down to £500. We had a semi-formal contract (signed by us both, and each have a copy) that he will pay me by december last year. He still owes me the £500 and says he will send money (last month) but hasnt. I keep emailing him (cant be arsed with phoning him - probably wouldnt answer anyway) and no there is no reply.

Does the contract mean anything now?

Should I bother with small claims court or the like - and ensure all fees/commission are covered by him (ie, I get the full £500 maybe plus the interest I would have got in the meantime)? Im hoping the threat of it will get him to pay up, but he is studying law in uni so I need to make sure I know all the facts before proceeding.

Im looking to buy a house and I need all the money I can get!

Sometime I feel like writing to his super rich parents and explaining the situation, but I guess that would be rather low. Im just sooo frustrated that it has gone on this long.

btw, im leaving work now, but will be on again at home in about an hour, so any advice in meantime would be much appreciated.

Lmccrean Sun 21-May-06 20:00:37


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