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home and buildings insurance: big rise in premium

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fairyglo Sun 21-May-06 14:04:09

I took out a home and buildings insurance policy with Liverpool and Victoria on the excellent advice of Mumsnet last year and got a very good deal. However, I see the renewal quote is over 15% higher than last year despite the fact that we have made no claim either with LV or with any other company ever. Really disappointed. It seems like the usual story - a good first year deal and then a big increase the next year and hope the customer will be too lazy to change.

I'm not too lazy and I want to change!! Can anyone recommend any other companies which provide good coverage and good deals for contents and buildings insurance (I usually try to do the two together)?

fairyglo Sun 21-May-06 22:03:00

Bump. Anyone satisfied with their provider or are they all like this - big rises after good initial offer?

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