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Fraudulent paypal transaction

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TheBiskyBat Sat 11-May-13 20:00:47

My bank just called to say there had been a suspicious transaction on my debit card - not a huge amount of money, but definitely not me. They've cancelled the card, and said I can dispute the transaction.

The payment was via PayPal - I have a PayPal account but I have never linked my debit card to it and I've just checked the account and there is no activity listed. So someone has obviously put my card on their PayPal account.

Am I missing something, or is this stupid of whoever has done it? Surely with an email address and (presumably) a delivery address for the goods ordered, the police will be able to trace it.

(I am fuming, separately, about the fact that apparently I can't formally dispute the transaction until the merchant has claimed the money. Which they have yet to do, so my bank still has hold of the money. As they and I both know it is fraudulent they could of course cancel the transaction. But no. They prefer to let the merchant have the money, dispatch the goods, and then ask for the money back. Fools.)

Summerloading Sun 12-May-13 16:51:10

Are you sure it was your bank that called?

This is a common scam and I've been contacted umpteen times about a suspicious transaction, giving a link to contact them.

I hope you haven't given out your bank details, passwords, etc?

TheBiskyBat Sun 12-May-13 18:02:23

No, no need to worry.

I thought exactly that - told the man I would ring my online banking which I did, and did it all through that. So definitely my bank.

sandiy Tue 28-May-13 21:43:35

That happened to me two hundred quid at Christmas Bank were brilliant and refunded for me Santander by the way

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