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Please help - tax credits crisis! :0(

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Mrskgee Thu 09-May-13 18:45:39

Hi there, this is a long story and may be confusing but I'm beside myself with worry.

Basically, I have 3 children, last march my husband and I separated (at the time we only had 2 children), I called to inform tax credits in April and they said I needed to start a new claim. They sent out a pack to me which I filled in and returned. At the time my daughter was being investigated for a serious illness, I was suffering from post natal depression, i am disabled and I'd just split from my husband due to his post traumatic stress disorder after a tour of afghan, basically it was the last thing on my mind so when I didn't hear anything I forgot all about it until the July renewals came about. At this point they said I needed to fill in another pack as my last one had never been received, I did this, sent it back and again heard nothing, so, on the 5th August I called and they said they hadn't received my second form either (errrrmmm, HOW does that happen?? Two forms going missing?). Anyway,I'd missed the deadline so I haven't received a single tax credit payment since. My husband and I got back together at the end of August by the way.

So today I receive a letter saying I owed £2,444!!! I called to ask why and they said I didn't contact them until 5th august to inform them of the changes so I received 5 joint payments I was never entitled to. Now 1) I know for a fact I contacted them on weds 4th April at 3.40pm as I was on the way back from my daughters hospital appointment and I wrote it in a diary I was keeping at the time and 2) surely I'd have been entitled to MORE tax credits being a single parent anyway??

They are adamant I didn't call till 5th August and as I called from my friend's Pay as you go phone I have no phone records to prove I made this call. They are sending me a dispute form but I'm so scared! I've not had a payment in almost a year and I was actually entitled to more than the 2.5k anyway but what are my chances of this dispute going in our favour? I'm an honest person and this is really getting to me, on top of that, my husband was recently made redundant - we can't afford any extra payments. Please help xxx

Crutchlow35 Thu 09-May-13 19:06:29

Fill in the dispute form and start a new claim going forward. Never ever send anything to them without recorded delivery in the future. If you are due the money then they will negotiate on payments.

MN216 Thu 09-May-13 19:10:53

Go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau for advice on whether you have been overpaid and if not, how to dispute it and if you have, how to ask for time to pay. Check online or via CAB Adviceline about your local Bureau's opening hours/appointments system. Good luck.

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