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Just when i thought we were making headway...

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SoDisappointed Thu 18-May-06 23:19:30

i find out that my DH has 'forgotten' about a credit card he applied for years ago. When we sold our house last year, we paid off all our debts (or so i thought) and although we are now renting, we haven't had people chasing us and demanding money.... until today!
A letter arived for my DH and when he opened it, his face went white and he tried to quickly hide it. After loads of badgering on my part, he told me that it was a certain credit card company and that he'd forgotten about the card. How could he forget about £4000... which i was under the impression had been paid off!! I asked him when he'd last made a payment and he said in over a year! I'm gutted!
He is crap with money.. far too generous and if he's got it, he has to spend it. I'm a SAHM and although we're managing to get by, things are tight. But now this money will have to be paid, it's going to screw us up big time. He's saying they can't demand it back as we're renting, but i'm more concerned about when we try to get a mortgage at some point... this is seriously going to affect his credit rating!!
I know i'm hormonal because i've just had a baby, but i really could cry. I'm angry, disappointed and worried and i just don't understand how my dh could have overlooked this...

Just needed to bend your ears about this as my dh has asked me not to tell anyone ie, my mum and dad. He feels like a failure as we had to sell our house to get us out of dire financial problems.

Thanks for reading x

tigermoth Thu 18-May-06 23:43:00

sorry to hear this - I can see you are shocked
As far as your dh's credit rating goes, this should not prevent you getting a mortage in the future, AFAIK, though you might not get a rock botton rate. If you can't get one direct through a high street bank, I am sure you'd be able to get one through a broker.

A visit to the CAB will make your options clearer - you may be able to negotiate a reduced rate of interest and longer term repayment plan.

It's a shame your husband could not tell you - do you feel you need further proof that all the other debts have been paid?

Expectantmum Thu 18-May-06 23:46:48

Try not to get it down, you have more important things to worry about with a new baby - congrats by the way . When i separated from my first husband, my left me in all sorts of debt and arrears on our mortgage, which wasn't paid for a year. I applied for a mortgage beginning of this year with my new husband and was stunned to be accepted. Apparently, as long as you are upfront and especially after 12 months or more has elapsed on an old debt, mortgage companies are more likely to accept an application. My new wonderful DH is also bad with money, if its in his pocket, he must spend it! HTH

SoDisappointed Thu 18-May-06 23:49:26

Hi Tigermoth, i do believe that all other debts have been paid and that this was a genuine oversight, but i just feel so overwhelmed at the moment. My dh looked so shocked and all he keeps saying is don't worry, we'll be fine. I know we will but he just annoys me with money. If he has it, he has to spend it. He's generous to a fault and would give anyone his last penny whereas i'm generous but try to put money aside, just in case!
Four hours ago, i didn't think we had any debt... we now have £4000... crap, crap crap!!!!

SoDisappointed Thu 18-May-06 23:53:07

Thankyou Expectantmum! I know it isn't the end of the world but i just remember what it was like when we had people knocking on the front door because we owed money. I'd hide under the table because i couldn't face them!
Anyway, my dh has prommised to ring the debt collection agency in the morning and get it sorted.
Congrats on turning your life around and your imminent bundle!

Expectantmum Thu 18-May-06 23:55:56

My imminent bundle is now 11 months old - just keep forgetting to change my name! When did you have baby?

SoDisappointed Thu 18-May-06 23:59:24

Whoops... ok... congrats on your 11 month old!!!
My dd was born at the end of January and she's utterly adorable! I also have a ds who has just turned 3 and he's completely smitten with her!

Expectantmum Fri 19-May-06 00:03:23

Bless, thats a lovely age, I am hoping to do the same, once we get over (and we forget) what the sleepness nights are like

Expectantmum Fri 19-May-06 00:05:53

Meant to say thats a lovely age GAP!!!! Doh! Am getting tired now and still half an hour before I finish work!

SoDisappointed Fri 19-May-06 00:08:02

We haven't had many sleepless nights actually. DS sleeps for 12 hours most nights and has done since he was about 13 months and DD is currently sleeping from 10pm until 6am... i really can't complain!

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