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is it possible to sell a blackberry with 8 months worth of texts etc still on it?

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ssd Fri 03-May-13 22:21:10

its a pay monthly have a good deal on it....but have bought an iphone and am having to pay 80 quid to end the bb contract

is it possible to sell it, its paid monthly out of my account, could I cap the sim and sell it, its with virginmedia

any advise welcome

Rockchick1984 Fri 03-May-13 23:36:42

Why not just sell the blackberry handset to mazuma, O2 recycle. Or one of the other firms who buy second hand handsets? Pretty sure you could cover the £80 contract buy-out fee with this.

ssd Sat 04-May-13 18:33:12

yes probably will do

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