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TARA123456 Mon 22-Apr-13 19:50:37

Hello everyone,
My name is Tara and I'm posting to let everyone know about a WORLDWIDE SCAM called BANNERS BROKER.
It is touted as an advertising broker that connects Advertisers with Publishers but in reality does neither. Please check out an excellent Facebook page 'Banners Broker Ponzi Scam' to find out more.
This pyamid is netting MILLIONS of pounds worldwide but doesn't seem to have had much interest here apart from a brief piece by the investigators at the 'Mirror' newspaper.
From my own investigations this organisation has infiltrated the WORLD using many facebook pages as hooks to recruit new members. And is active in all countries from Russia to is also very big in INDIA but the authoriites there have actually CLOSED them down and confiscated there records pending a court case. The Canadian authorities have also just started an investigation into there activities.
If you are a member of Banners Broker and haven't been paid for months, you are not alone. Please let me know your story.
Thank you for listening..

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