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How would you redesign social housing allocation and tenancy?

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Kendodd Thu 18-Apr-13 13:13:20

Thread about a number of threads I'm afraid.

Well, how would you manage them?

I think some radical thinking is needed, everything from just giving tenants their houses in very run down, low demand, areas, to treating LA property the same as private rentals, nobody get preference, high rent, no pets, children or DSS.

The obvious solution to me would be to just build more houses although in the SE I don't know where the land would come from.

piprabbit Fri 19-Apr-13 15:01:01

I'd commission a fabulous architect to come up with some radical new designs for social housing, the main requirement would be an internal flexibility of layout so that the houses/flats could be relatively quickly and cheaply be reconfigured to provide larger or smaller units.

Perhaps a large detached house designed to be split into four units, two units or one very large unit. The outside shell of the house would be unchanged, but the inside could easily be adapted as the local requirements for accommodation changed over time.

I saw something similar at HomeWorld in Milton Keynes back in the 1980s and it has stayed with me.

Kendodd Fri 19-Apr-13 15:01:08

Provide massive incentives for employers to move their operations to areas with serious levels of unemployment (funnily enough the same areas that have cheap property prices) - jobs arrive in the area, housing is already there, employment/unemployment levels start to average out more evenly across the country. Pressure to build more residential property commutable from London/in the South East reduced, traffic/travel congestion reduced in those areas, pressure on NHS and schools reduced in those areas.

Yes, some of this has already been done, BBC, Met Office, Ofsted. Perhaps the government should lead the way, all government deptments, plus Bank of England etc. that can be moved up north should.

specialsubject Fri 19-Apr-13 15:22:47

Timbertot for president. And all without any landlord-bashing either.

so obvious. So why not?

Oodsigma Fri 19-Apr-13 15:30:13

Yes to reviewing tenancies regularly.
Incentives for downsizing and more 1/2 bed properties build/converted/bought.
Adapted homes not to be subjected to bedroom tax /reviewing until a set period after the person has moved on/died. Shorter time for moving out rather than death (6/12 months?).

Wallison Fri 19-Apr-13 17:00:28

Why should tenancies be renewed? Do people reach a stage in their lives where they magically stop needing a roof over their heads? hmm

Just build more of the damn things. It's an investment that pays for itself.

And allow house prices to fall rather than keeping their value artificially high with billions of govt £££s. Spend the money on building more public housing instead. High house prices are bad for the economy anyway.

Wallison Fri 19-Apr-13 17:01:11

*Reviewed, not renewed.

sweetkitty Fri 19-Apr-13 17:13:20

Build more 1/2 bedroom houses/flats

Review council tenancies every 5 years, if bedrooms are surplus to requirements offer incentives to downsize.

Review the outdated points system in place with a lot of HAs.

lougle Fri 19-Apr-13 22:54:31

Well, while you all rejig the LA housing situation, I'm clinging on to the bit of paper that grants me the right to live here for the rest of my life. DD1 has SN. It's likely she'll live with us as an adult. She won't get rights to succession, so we need to keep our tenancy here to provide her with security.

TimberTot Tue 23-Apr-13 10:25:57

Lougle, why should you lose the right to live there for life ?

Regular reviews of your tenancy would presumably show up that you don't trash the property and you aren't a problem neighbour and that you aren't a single person living in a 3 bedroom house that could be better allocated to a family in need in exchange for a one bedroom property for you so you would just have your tenancy renewed time after time after time

L.A.'s need good tenants like you. They need however to be able to deal with problem neighbouring tenants who sometimes make other L.A. tenants' lives a misery.

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