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PPI Claim Query

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littlejosh Thu 18-Apr-13 09:57:59

We have submitted a claim for PPI from the Halifax.

Apologies its long!

Took out a loan for cars, application completed over the phone, the forms were signed at our home late one evening. Copies posted back.

Fast forward a couple of years, we were having problems making payments and missed a couple of payments, but made every effort to keep up. The account was then referred to a collection agent where it has remained and we have continued to keep up the repayments.

We’ve submitted a claim as we weren’t aware we had the insurance when we took out the loan and the matter (insurance) wasn’t raised by the bank when we ran into problems.

We’ve since checked the paperwork and it is there but not very clear.

Ok so earlier this week we had a call (late evening) on a blocked number from a claims handler who didn’t identify themselves or the case reference calling regards the claim. They asked what we felt were strange and inappropriate questions e.g. why did you take the loan (completed on the form, please refer back to it), what savings did we have at the time of the financial problems, why didn’t we sell the vehicle to make the payments.

Overall we felt it was a very heavy handed questionnaire and we refused to continue with their questions as we felt they should call during normal working hours and identify clearly who they were. Towards the end of the call they did confirm the case reference.

In correspondence we received from the bank (in response to the claim) they make no indication that a claims handler will call you.
So I’m just checking is this standard practise and is there anything we should be aware off in the event of any other calls and the information that we give them. We provided as much information as we could e.g. loan number and the purpose of the loan etc and what we can recall on the application, but some of the questions we were asked over the phone we couldn’t answer.

Many Thanks

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