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Debt company advice please

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overitalready Wed 17-Apr-13 16:14:59

Hi all,
Took a loan out for £5k some years ago, missed x2 payments and the debt was then taken on by 'experito credit'
I now pay back £50 a month for the last 2 years. Every 6 months they do a 'review' to see if i can afford to pay back more confused i cant or i would!
Anyhow i have just has the phone call for the review, had to go through all my incomings and outgoings etc and again was agreed that £50 is all i can afford and they will continue to let me pay that as i havent ever missed a payment with then.
My question is do they have the right too do this?! Do i have to tell them how poor i am every 6 months? The man this time was polite and could see i have nothing to give however the woman 6 months ago demanded to know why my rent was so high, why i dont get child tax credit, if i can ask my work for a payrise etc!

Anyone? Thanks x

HoneyDragon Wed 17-Apr-13 16:18:51

The reason they do this is once the account defaulted than technically you owe the full balance.

It is in their interest to get the money off you as quickly as possible. So they expect I&E as justification. If you have it written down somewhere simply update it and advise you will post it in when they call and save yourself half an hour.

They are clearly happy with the arrangement so are just doing what they need to at their end.

Imflabulous Wed 17-Apr-13 16:21:06

Are they taking a percentage of this payment as a fee? Or is it all going to debt? If they are I would contact step change its a charity they help with your debt and you review once a year and don't charge anything, I'm now debt free thanks to them.

keli5325 Wed 17-Apr-13 17:26:23

As you are in a payment arrangement they will review you every 6 months to see if your circumstances have changed and if you can pay more. Although an inconvenience they will review every 6 months

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