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new job-no money

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mummienataliee Thu 11-Apr-13 11:33:47

hi everyone first time here and first post .looking for a little advice and ideas how best to deal with this .i was previously claiming benefits and had them stopped as they said i wasnt looking for work i was and can prove this as i have been offered and accepted the job they wont have any of it though .any way dwp wont take back the sanction and im entitled to no money.the woman was very rude and somehow my tax credits got caught up in this and they was suspended to they gave me a 1 of payment last week of £69 and that has to last until i get my first wage from my new job on the 22nd i start on the 15th have been doing my training this week .
anyway i applied for a work wear grant and have been turned down on the basis im not claiming benefits it says i can appeal but dont see the point by the time that goes through i will have my wage im so worried now though they wont help at all.the dwp are saying im not entitled to anything .i have applied for child tax again the dwp are saying its because i have got a job now ive filled working tax forms in waiting to hear back of them.
im not sure about the food bank helping as they have helped me a lot since my money was sanctioned infact have helped more than what they should there only suppose to help 3 times in 2 month .so dont think i can go to them
the £69 has gone i had to get gas and electric,some food which has now run out .and bus fayre to and from work training as i wouldnt have had time to get there my nans minding my lo why i was attending the course i had to be there for 8-30.
so i need to get some work shoes i have none the one i have absolutely kill my feet to small i think .does any one no anywhere i can get some help with this i feel like the dwp are just being awkward and dont want to help me i have cried so much on the phone to them as i was looking for work now have a job so i feel like the sanction is unjustified tbh .i do get £20 a week in cben but im not sure if i still get it now im starting work have rung them to tell them about my job and they said i may need to reclaim with my new circumstances
any one have any ideas what i can im at a loss my family wont help at all and the only freind i could have asked is unable to help me xx

mummienataliee Mon 15-Apr-13 23:41:16

aww thankyou im going to ring tax credits again tommorow didnt have time today .thankyou thats a lovely thing to say i hope he is xx

boxoftricks Mon 15-Apr-13 23:52:23

Are you able to ask for an advance from work?

mummienataliee Tue 16-Apr-13 08:46:03

hi box of tricks i wouldnt think so no
ive just checked and my childbenefit has gone out with my tv licence and a debt repayment i have £4 in the bank now :/ i thought i cancelled the dd's .really getting fed up feel like the whole world is against me this mornig but gunna put my smile on and go for it taking ds to school going to work and then going to trry and get to the cab b4 it shuts later xx

mummienataliee Tue 16-Apr-13 09:21:47

me again as some one suggested i asked could i have a advance but they said no as they dont do that because im paid a week in hand so cant give me and advance xx

Phineyj Tue 16-Apr-13 09:27:24 I can send you a pair similar to these in a 42 if that would help (I have two pairs, can spare one). Not totally flat, but comfy. PM me with your address if you'd like them.

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