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Scraped a parked car today - what next?

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perrinelli Wed 10-Apr-13 18:24:00

Stupidly scraped a parked car today on my way home. Was getting out if the way of a taxi coming into the junction. Was going v slow & doesn't look too bad, just a superficial paint scrape I think. I left a note on the windscreen with my number but am now v nervous of getting a call!
I've got 12 yrs unprotected no claims bonus so if its just minor work am thinking its worth just paying up & not involving insurance. Is that allowed? What do I say to the driver when they call up? Should they just get the work done & send me the invoice? How do I know they're not going to take advantage, do I ask for a few quotes or something? Would appreciate any advice.

Lulu1984 Thu 11-Apr-13 09:15:08

I did something similar in a car park, still don't know how I managed it. I gave the woman my insurance details. A few weeks later I had a letter saying all claims had been dropped as the damage was too unsubstantial. This was also a like scrape on paintwork, and was a new car, i'm guessing any damage buffed out with no real work needed.

It might be worth seeing if they can get quotes for the work to protect your no claims bonus. Mine wasn't affected in the end as the claim wasn't completed even though it was reported.

I would be worried they'd take advantage as well, though you were honest with them and left your details so hopefuly they are honest in return

TheUnsinkableTitanic Thu 11-Apr-13 09:21:01

can you go back and take a photo of the damage?

perrinelli Thu 11-Apr-13 15:10:31

I took a photo on my phone at the time. No phonecall yet! Maybe they haven't seen it - and perhaps the rain made my note illegible!

millymae Thu 11-Apr-13 15:49:23

I saw your post yesterday and thought that you deserved a pat on the back for being so honest, so perhaps the lack of a phone call from the owner is your reward for that. My car has been scraped twice whilst properly parked and on both occasions the driver drove off. The first time it was just a superficial scrape of the paintwork, but the second time there was a dent as well which is still there for all to see along with the damaged paintwork.

I'd be surprised if the owner makes contact with you now, but if he/she does I'd let them know that you have a photo of the damages and ask if they would be willing to sort the matter without involving insurance companies.

mateinthree Thu 11-Apr-13 19:55:21

you deserved a pat on the back for being so honest, so perhaps the lack of a phone call from the owner is your reward for that.

I know what you're saying, but it's a sad state of affairs when owning up to damaging somebodies property is seen as a good deed.

perrinelli, by all means offer to pay cash, and it may be a good idea to get some quotes for how much the work will cost to fix, but bear in mind that if you do accuse your 'victim' (for want of a better word) of taking advantage, they are perfectly entitled to simply take it through your insurance hiking your premiums up and saving themselves a headache.

Also strictly speaking you are supposed to report this to your insurer in any case, there will undoubtedly be a clause in your insurance contract that any accidents are to be reported to your insurer. Although in practice, people do frequently "forget" to report minor bumps to insurers which allows them to maintain their no-claims and keeps their insurance premiums down.

lizzieannejames Fri 12-Apr-13 20:26:28

Hope the owner has the common sense to go and buy a bottle of T Cut for a couple of quid in Halfords and not bother contacting you. Otherwise if they want to claim they want to claim. Annoying but one of those things unfortunatly.

perrinelli Sun 14-Apr-13 16:31:15

Well I did get a call, the lady sounded nice & thanked me for leaving the note. Her husband had already got a quote which sounds reasonable so I asked her to send me a copy of the invoice after they have it done and I'll reimburse.

ReluctantlyBeingYoniMassaged Sun 14-Apr-13 16:33:21

How extremely honest and lovely of you. I wish it had been you that scraped our car in a car park in February. We had bought our car two days beforehand. sad

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