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Can someone please help? so confused.

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JazleEd Tue 09-Apr-13 20:14:14

Right so, sep 2011 I had my little girl and while living with my boyfriend (father of the child) and his parents. I claimed child tax credits and child benifits and thats it. Money came in fine. In both our names.Neither of us has a full time job. And got no momey from boyfriend or his parents.

Then Nov 2012 me and boyfriend split, and i moved back in with my parents with little one. Parents wanted me out and into my own property after a month and its now been 5 months and they are not happy. Me and little one sleep on the living room floor. Claimed for income support in Nov 2012 and heard nothing back and had to reclaim April 2013. Still waiting, very annoyed by that as i now have to wait 6 months for an interveiw about it. Claimed for lone parent and thats fine.

Now im back with my boyfriend. But we live in our parents places and i get no money from anyone but benifits. So have i got to claim that we are a couple again? Also we are now looking for a property together to get off our parents hands (bless them for putting up with us) but with neither of us not having a full time job we dont know what to do.

So, i was told that i need income support to be able to claim for housing benifits. Which by the way i have no idea where that comes from. But again nothing from income support. Im on two council lists but thats a waiting game. Ive heard nothing from no one. And all my money goes towards little one and i barely scrape any for myself. Its so bad that im slightly underweight and i hardly sleep with to many worries . Its all so confusing to what im entitled to and how to claim anything if i am?.

And now my other half is being charged for tax when he doesnt earn £120 a week so how does that happen?

Sorry if that made no sense

LIZS Wed 10-Apr-13 17:08:39

You apply for HB from he council but you need to secure a property first. You should claim IS and possibly other benefits too - are you still getting CTC and CB. Can you not go back (Job Centre, Help Shop, CAB?) to where you claimed originally and follow up, although if BF is earning that may affect your claim and you may now be treated as a couple. He needs to speak to payroll or HMRC regarding his tax but he may have to pay National Insurance. If his work is pt he may be entitled to JSA. is a good place to check what you could claim in the various scenarios.

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