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Making HB and tax credit claims when you work varying hours

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TheOriginalNutcracker Mon 08-Apr-13 23:02:11

I have started working and my contract is for 25 hours a week. Since I started though (a month ago), I have only done 25 hours once, and other weeks have done 30 or 35.
It now looks like I will be doing 35 for the next 3 weeks aswell.

When I originally did my hb claim, i said I was working 25 hours. They haven't sorted my claim yet (god knows why) but I am now thinking that I might be better to change it to 30. I have also told tax credits I am working 30, as I do think that more often than not, this is what I will do, with the odd 35 hour week here and there.

It is stressing me about a bit that I might have to keep changing hours with HB and tax credits though. I have even looked into seeing if I could afford to not claim housing benefit, because it would be much less hassle but unfortunatly I can't afford to.

Anyone else in this position ? What do you do ?

LovePickles Mon 08-Apr-13 23:28:00

The HB office will tell you that you will need to bring in proof of earnings regularly to show the changes. Make sure you get what you're entitled to, it's hard to make ends meet, even with the allowance!

Updating them as the changes come is the only way, if you're overpaid, it's not good for you, if you're underpaid, you may get behind on rent and struggle while they rework the claim. If you are overpaid and don't inform they, they may not be happy about it and may wonder why you did say.

Annoying, I know... Hope this helps smile

LovePickles Mon 08-Apr-13 23:28:54

Didn't say*

TheOriginalNutcracker Mon 08-Apr-13 23:47:19

God what a pain.

I'm going to have to ring them tomorrow because I haven't heard a single thing since I made my claim. I will ask them how often they want to see my payslips.

Thanks Lovepickles

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