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dh earns 22000 a year means 1300 per month in hand - no prospects to improve his salary - diffcult to accept

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Hotpotatofood Mon 08-Apr-13 09:24:22

we have small 2 kids. dh about 40 works full time; leaving home at 7.00 and coming back 5.00 pm. bringing 1300 monthly into bank account. I earn more and generally believe in career development, but with my dh this has been the same of 8 years and i do not see any motivation in him to improve. can someone point me into the right direction - how can I accept that HE does not want to improve his development and salary and he is going to stay for another 25 years in the same job. I do not see it changing and find it hard to accept

noddyholder Wed 10-Apr-13 16:50:21

If you earn more what is the issue?

M25Meltdown Wed 10-Apr-13 17:03:58

Can I just say, money goes further outside of the London and the Home Counties, so whilst £1,300 is a good salary in some parts of the country,it won't go very far in other parts of the country.

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