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Mortgage Payments when husband has left

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kcaz10 Sun 07-Apr-13 05:38:01

Recently my husband left me taking our son.
Currently both the house and mortgage are in joint names.
We are both unemployed.
The mortgage is currently paid from my husbands account by direct debit.
Last month he did not have the funds to make payment so I transferred the money which I borrowed from my account to his.
What should I do going forward? Should I change the direct debit to be from my account?

RedHelenB Sun 07-Apr-13 08:43:25

Sorry, I'm a bit confused - you say you & your ex are directors of a company so are you claiming unemployment benefits? How much equity in the home?

Best thing to do on Monday morning is to ring a few local solicitors & see if you can get a free half hour where they will outline the options for you.

RedHelenB Sun 07-Apr-13 08:44:26

The main thing is to decide what you want to do with the house, stay living in it, he lives in it or sell it.

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