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children's savings account

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chocolateicecream Thu 04-Apr-13 22:14:24

I am glad that it's not just me who feels annoyed with the Halifax Babelange. Excellent point specialsubject. Thanks for the information, I will look into the Leeds BS and the Yorkshire BS thanks.

dabdab Thu 04-Apr-13 22:04:08

Mine have accounts with the Yorkshire Building Society, who still issue account books for children. We did this so they could put money into their account and see it building up.

Babelange Thu 04-Apr-13 22:01:54

It astonishes me that Halifax offers the best deals for kids accounts - they are a pain to deal with! The last time I went in there to make an appointment as they don't let you just drop in and open accounts, not even if you want to get another product for the same child (child bonds), there was a big sucking in of breath when I wanted an appointment between 12-2! And then the cheek of it as the appointment had to be an hour, probably to snoop around my finances to find out if they could sell me something else! In the end I cancelled and went into the Leeds BS - I am down south and they seem to be expanding their operations. I had to compliment them on their refreshingly old fashioned service. You do get a pass book even for a child bond. 12 years old plus, kids have to sign the document to set financial products up.

Thatsinteresting Thu 04-Apr-13 19:49:10

Both my dc have accounts with Halifax. The older one (4) has a book but by the time we got an account for the second they'd stop doing books. They provide statements and cashcards when the child is 7. It may be you have the same account.

specialsubject Thu 04-Apr-13 18:18:41

the country is full of banks. Scream at the Halifax to get your statements, close the accounts and go somewhere that can actually do customer service.

loyalty is for suckers now.

chocolateicecream Thu 04-Apr-13 13:35:30

I asked them for the books. They told me that I would receive them but we have had nothing. It seems a bit odd to have no correspondence when we are always getting junk from the Halifax through the post.

CunfuddledAlways Thu 04-Apr-13 13:08:17

many banks dont send out yearly statements anymore to save on money costs but im sure you would be able to request this / every time you pay in money surely the book is updated - you should go back to them about the lost book as surely if someone got hold of it they could access the money??

it isnt difficult no - you sound like you are already doing it?? fail to see the issue your having??

chocolateicecream Thu 04-Apr-13 12:57:03


My dh and I opened a savings account with the Halifax for our eldest dd. When our second child came along we opened an account for her, again with the Halifax. In the meantime we managed to misplace our eldest dd's account book. We requested another at the time of registering our other dd.We were told that books would arrive in the post. Two years later and we have had nothing, no annual statement or anything despite having money in both accounts. We like the idea of having savings books for the girls to use. Third baby has just come along and now we need to get another account sorted.

We bank with the cooperative and initially tried to open a child's account with them after our first dd's birth but gave up after months of not getting anywhere.

Is it that hard to get a successful child's account up and running? Can anyone recommend a particular bank or child account?

Many thanks.

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