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Thinking of selling stuff on ebay. What do I need to know

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specialsubject Tue 02-Apr-13 21:26:34

nothing to lose IF you list on free listing weekends - no sale, no fee.

get the postage costs right (it's just gone up a LOT)
describe accurately
take decent photos
post quickly
set auctions to end on Sunday evening.

don't get too excited - but you may be in luck. People sometimes go mad on ebay and pay more for a second-hand item than it would be new, as I am finding in the search for a booster seat!

BlingLoving Tue 02-Apr-13 16:35:16

I know people who swear blind that selling stuff on ebay is the way forward. I've decided I should get involved as a few extra quid would be nice and it seems a good way to declutter. But... it seems quite a lot of effort for relatively small amounts of money if you're selling clothes etc? Any good tips for how I can maximise earnings/minimise effort?

The kind of things I'm thinking of selling are:
Maternity clothes that I don't want any more
Cell phones/cell phone accessories
Second hand jackets/coats in good condition
Handbags (mostly excellent condition but not very expensive - my "good" handbags get used such a lot they are in bad nick by the time I want to get rid of them)

Any ideas or thoughts?

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