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2013/2014 ISA's are there any good deals about?

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TurfInTheBog Mon 01-Apr-13 16:31:51

I don't want an internet account. I would like an account where if required I could get access from a branch if my personal circumstances needed.

Are there any good deals about?

OfflineFor40Years Mon 01-Apr-13 18:03:50

The best I've seen recently is 2.5% for an instant access. If you're willing to fix you could get a bit more. It's not great is it.sad

greygeek Wed 03-Apr-13 08:05:55

If you're happy to use a branch close to you it's worth checking the rates on offer from any local building society as they sometimes offer special rates for residents in local postcodes.

specialsubject Wed 03-Apr-13 09:57:21

very few - 'funding for lending' means that the banks get money at cheap rates from the government so they don't need to attract money from savers. They are supposed to lend more with this but guess what...

Halifax have a 3% ISA but not sure if that is for next year. It is still only April 3rd.

keep looking and grab quickly of something appears.

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