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jenbird Wed 27-Mar-13 23:07:31

I am trying to put a claim in for misold PPI but HSBC seem to have me running around in circles. I had a credit card and graduate loan account with them and paid PPI on both. The graduate loan was fully paid off in around 2004. I still have the credit card although I cancelled the PPI a long time ago when I realised what it was and that I didn't have to pay it.
I have phoned HSBC 3 times now. The first time I was told I need to fill in the FSA questionnaire. I realised then that I didn't have all the details so I phoned HSBC back and spoke to a man who said I didn't need to fill it in and he would raise the claim for me. I phoned again today to check on the status of my claim and was told by a woman I did need to fill the questionnaire in. I have started doing so but my memory of dates is hazy. When I asked the woman on the phone for info earlier she was very non committal about providing information.
I thought this process was supposed to be simple?! I have looked on MSE and think the way forward is to raise a SAR (?) but will they have this information as it is over 6 years ago? If not what is my next step?
Also the 2nd man I spoke to most definitely told me I needed to do nothing further. Will they have a transcript of this as I feel they are being obstructive.
Does any one have any experience with HSBC PPI claims.
Thanks in advance

LadyKooKoo Thu 28-Mar-13 11:05:19

Yes, we did one and it was done and dusted within 6 weeks. However, I would never call a bank about a PPI claim, everything was done via the post. Print the forms from MSE, fill in the details that you do know and send it off. They have to get back to you within 12 weeks.

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