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Any idea of mortgage repayments on a £80,000 mortgate?

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Madmog Wed 20-Mar-13 14:03:29

My husband has just got promoted and we are wondering whether we are now in a position to think about moving. Could anyone give me an idea what we could pay on a £80,000 mortgage - I realize there are different deals about but just interested to get an average before we think about it too much. Have used online calculators, but someone who sells new houses said they weren't accurate.

pompompom Wed 20-Mar-13 14:05:16

It depends on so much, what rate you get, what equity you have (so what deposit you take to the new place).

Have you tried the Lloyds one ?

CockyFox Wed 20-Mar-13 14:06:52

Not really much help but ours was just over £110000 over 18 years and we pay £722 per month, but it is on a repayment tracker rate so at the moment interest is only 2.5%.

Oodsigma Wed 20-Mar-13 14:12:25

We pay about £350 on a £70k one

mamij Wed 20-Mar-13 14:13:28

Most banks have a mortgage section on their website, where you can put in the figures and it will calculate what your repayment would be.

TobyLerone Wed 20-Mar-13 14:15:51

Mine is about £400 on £77k IIRC.

DorisIsWaiting Wed 20-Mar-13 14:33:29

We pay about £600 (but we overpay some to pay down too).

mazzi2fly Wed 20-Mar-13 14:38:52

We pay about £440 for 88,000

Jojay Wed 20-Mar-13 14:39:59

About £400 on £78k atm

Rockchick1984 Wed 20-Mar-13 15:55:06

We pay around £290 on £55k mortgage on a rate around 4%.

financialwizard Thu 21-Mar-13 06:40:42

A fully protected mortgage (so including life insurance etc) over 25 yrs would be approximately £640. So you would probably be looking at around £450 per month roughly just for the mortgage.

babyiwantabump Thu 21-Mar-13 06:42:06

Mine is 337.70 on a 78000 mortgage

MsVestibule Wed 27-Mar-13 22:17:48

Have used online calculators, but someone who sells new houses said they weren't accurate.

I can't see why not confused. As long as you've put the correct information in, it should be exact. You just have to take into account arrangement fees (which can be added on to the mortgage, making the monthly repayments marginally higher), e.g. you could end up borrowing £81.5k, rather than £80k.

mememummy Wed 27-Mar-13 22:44:21

I have an 80k mortgage I pay £439 were month for the next 18.5 yrs

BMW6 Fri 29-Mar-13 22:25:16

Ours is £560 pm on loan of £75000 5 yr fixed rate 4.25%, but mortgage term only 15 years not 25

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