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Entitlement to any help

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Rockchick1984 Tue 12-Mar-13 14:09:29

The most he can be expected to pay out of his benefits is £5 so realistically she can't rely on anything from him if he's not working. If she's earning too much to be eligible for tax credits with 2 children then she won't get any other help - this is why child maintenance isn't currently counted as income for benefit calculations as its out of the mother's control.

His new wife's income isn't taken into account anyway so it makes no difference if she is earning or not.

She needs to look at her income and expenditure and see where she can cut back because of the deficit.

MrsGrumps Tue 12-Mar-13 13:21:30

My Best Mate married a looser and he left her years ago with two very young children for someone else and has since had a further two children with her.

She works Full-time and bought him out the marital house and still lives there. I say bought him out, she put down half the purchase cost of it as a deposit from the sale of her previous house so he got next to nothing by the Courts as the mortgage was only about 6 years into being paid at that point. He did pay what she considered a fair maintenance when they split but when his new woman had his next two children the maintenance went to less than half what she was getting. He's now been made redundant and will finish up at the end of this month. He says that as he will not be working and his new woman gave up work when she had their first child, he will not be able to pay her a penny. He's looking for work but as he is less than 10 years off being 65 it is unlikely he will land a job at all, let alone one of a decent salary.

She'll not be able to pay all her bills when he stops paying maintenance. As far as I know she'll not be entitled to any other help financially as she earns what is consider a decent wage, but due to living in the South it really does nothing more than currently cover her bills with nothing to spare - I've never known her to be able to afford any luxuries/holiday's or anything like that since she has been on her own so I believe her when she says she just about has enough currently.

Anyone got any ideas on what if anything she can do either about getting him to still pay something (can she claim any of his Jobseekers money - is that the right benefit he'll claim?) or any other help she may be entitled too? I'm assuming he will get help paying his rent but she rightly says that he'd need that to keep a roof over the other kids heads.

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