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So I have to threaten court action again?...

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vj32 Tue 12-Mar-13 16:21:52

YANBU in that he isn't sticking to the agreement, but it sounds like he is being fairly generous in other ways with money for the kids, so if you don't want any contact with him, why bother?

snowflurries Tue 12-Mar-13 10:16:55

nc for this as could be identified in RL...

Sorry this is long.

Div 3 yrs, sep'd 6 yrs. Kids 20, 18, 13 all live with me. DS1 at uni and renting but spends approx half his time with me. DS2 working.

I work from home, my own business, earning £20k. XH co director earns £250K + £50K annual bonus. I am a LP, he is remarried with 2DC, 1 & 2 yrs. I am looking for more work too and have a lodger to help with bills.

I now get CS for my DD and maintenance which cover the (huge) mortgage. DS2 pays rent.

The court order says he should pay annual increases in line with inflation. This has never been paid. I have consulted a sol to do the calculations as I knew he'd dispute them. I wrote to ask him to increase the payment in May 2012 and Sept 2012. In Jan 2013 I threatened court action and he paid me £600 in legal costs which should have been paid in Nov 2010. At the same time he said he'd let me have a payment plan. This hasn't appeared. I was expecting a payment on 1st March and when it didn't appear I wrote to ask for his payment plan. He replied that he'd intended to pay me £600/month (the total due is approx £5K) but had to pay a rent deposit for my son of £500 so couldn't pay me. He said he'd pay me if the kids didn't come up with any other bills for him!

As well as my CS and maintenance, he pays my DD's school fees of approx £13K pa.

So AIBU to ask him to pay increases? We haven't spoken for nearly two years, all communication is by email or text as I get EA, sulking, silent treatment etc despite having tried time and time again to smooth the waters for the kids' sake. I'm not bothering with all that any more.

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