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Thought the banks couldn't charge more than £12 now?

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Moomin Thu 04-May-06 21:51:40

I went over my overdraft limit this month and the bank have written to tell me this and charged me £30!!! I thought bank charges couldn't be made over £12 now? I told the woman on the phone that and she just said 'no, this is a referral so i that's what we charge' WTF does that mean? (btw it's barclays, the shower of bastards! am changing my account as soon as i can but have a huge overdraft at the mo as i'm on maternity leave. as soon as i get straight i'm going to Smile)

fuzzywuzzy Thu 04-May-06 21:53:13

I think you may well be wable to turn around and claim it right back again

expatinscotland Thu 04-May-06 21:53:46

ha! i just got a £30 charge last week.

tjacksonpfc Fri 05-May-06 09:06:43

ive just had a charge of £33.48 for an unpaid direct debit that i had cancelled 2 months earlier

dublindee Fri 05-May-06 09:12:34

It was credit cards the ruling was on not bank charges - and it was recommended that the charges should be £12.50 - but it's not legally binding - it's just a recommendation. There's a useful link on the Moneysavingexpert site though about how to claim back your bank charges for the past 6 years....

bourneville Mon 15-May-06 19:03:46

is there a time limit in which you can do this? i got charged for 3 transactions last summer and part of the reason was that the bank had lost a cheque i had tried to put in just before going on holiday....

bourneville Mon 15-May-06 20:51:52

um ...i just read dublindee's post so ignore mine

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