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CSA confusion

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leaharrison11 Tue 05-Mar-13 17:54:02

He shot that idea down hun, thank you tho

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 05-Mar-13 10:13:46

I believe that maintenance awards are based on regular disposable income rather than one-off windfalls. If his regular income has increased substantially because he is getting a lot of interest from this money that would affect things. If his disposable income has gone up because his windfall, for example, paid off a mortgage that might have an effect.

CSA aside, would he consider putting some of this money into a savings account or trust fund for his child/ren's future? That might be a better route to take.

leaharrison11 Tue 05-Mar-13 07:50:25

Im just wondering my ex pays 35 csa weekly but has come into a an awful lot of money does csa have to know about it and is he obliged to pay more ?

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