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Does Travel Expenses effect Income Support

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seaofyou Mon 04-Mar-13 11:07:02

Thanks Silvery

TheSilveryPussycat Wed 27-Feb-13 01:04:05

I was a volunteer for the CAB claiming mileage for travel to the bureau while on IS. I don't think expenses count, and I would claim 2 x (there and back) ie for each full journey.

seaofyou Tue 26-Feb-13 22:16:09

DS gets transport to school. But due to school needing changing their will be no transport. I can claim a small amount for mileage taking DS from LA but as I am on IS will they cut my money?

Can I claim the drive to school and back home or just to school? It is an hour's drive away so will cost me a lot in fuel doing 4 journeys a day.

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