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Is my husband deceiving me?

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BlackMaryJanes Sat 23-Feb-13 14:36:10

I am a SAHM. He earns 52k. We have two toddlers. We live in a tiny 2-bed flat with a mouldy bathroom, sink taps that don't work, holes in the floor, a boiler that doesn't work, an oven that doesn't work. We need to get out of this hell hole.


DH has a poor credit record. The flat has no equity. We have no savings.

DH says there is no way we can leave for the foreseeable future.

I am very ignorant on financial matters. He gives me an allowance to spend each month on myself and the kids (I actually like it this way, as I am naive with money and liable to over-spend).

Anyway, is he telling the whole story? Are we stuck in this flat? My friends think this is bizarre on a wage of £52K.

Help Mumsnet mums!

littlemisssarcastic Mon 04-Mar-13 23:21:33

I could buy 28 litres of diet coke for £18!! shock
£69 a week on ready meals, jelly and snacks and eating out (Is this restaurant or takeaway?) and £30 a week on drinks has actually left me speechless. You're spending virtually £100 a week on crap food and drink for 2 adults, that's not including anything other than food or drink for 2 adults. That is crazy!!! Are you ill often?

My advise would be to take steps to resolve your food issues.

You are spending over £15K a year on what you describe as everyday cuttables?? Therein lies your answer.

I wonder why you have a gym membership too OP. I don't think I'd be spending over £800 a year on a gym membership in your position OP.

3monkeys3 Tue 05-Mar-13 08:49:53

I do think it is possible for all money to be eaten up, even on a good salary. My dh earns £80K and gets an annual bonus, which varies - was £40K last year and £25K the year before. So on paper we are really well off. We have a 2 bedroom house with 3 dc and can't move at the moment. We have quite a bit of debt (we've already paid off loads and still have £20K or thereabouts). I am about to post about how to prioritise our money!

I have halved my shopping bill by meal planning. I was spending £160 per week and then more topping up (so probably £200 in total) - I am now spending £80 per week on the main shop! I still have to top up, but you can see the saving! This has freed up a huge amount of disposable income and we feel like we are getting somewhere. You need to really look at your money sitaution properly - it sounds to me like you prefer not to know, but you'll never get anywhere unless you do.

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