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I'd love to know your monthly car costs.

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specialsubject Thu 14-Feb-13 14:05:20

that's everything except for the cost of fixes - and that is the real elastic piece of string.

you will need a few bits, such as screen wash fluid, a tyre pump, a tyre pressure gauge. Book it in for an oil change ASAP - you can get this done for under £30 so it isn't worth getting messy. Budget for new tyres every 30,000 miles and get the tracking checked to avoid excessive wear.

do some serious shopping around for insurance - it takes hours to go through all the sites and try the independents. Moneysaving expert tells you how to do it.

finally, decent driving saves a LOT of fuel.

KatherineKrupnik Thu 14-Feb-13 13:28:24

Might be going to buy our first car & trying to cost it all up. Looks like insurance alone will be £1,5k for the year (which feels shocking!).

Really interested to hear what everyone's car related costs are. I've been calculating on insurance, tax, breakdown cover & MOT. Then petrol. Anything else? Ta.

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