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Child Tax credit scary Letter~Confused

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passingcat Thu 14-Feb-13 08:07:19

I received a letter today saying my child tax credit is under review because they have run a credit check and can see my X partner as still living here. He does still live here but we live as permanently separated (until we can afford a divorce) and I have always told them this. They themselves told me I could claim as a single parent if we were permanently separated but still living in the same house. We were forced to stay together due to severe financial problems with neither one being able to afford to move out. He pays me maintenance, which I use to pay food and some bills but he does pay some of the bills also. He eats, sleeps, washes and lives separate from me. Most of the bills are in my name except for the council tax which we never bothered to amend. I can't understand why they have pounced on me when they said to go ahead and claim in my circumstances anyway. My bank account is in my name but a couple of bills are still in joint names. Apparently we can now be in trouble for this? If he is paying the mortgage and some bills because he lives under the same roof but separated from me, surely they can see he would pay some bills? Has anyone got any advice on what to expect as I get a bad feeling even though we really are separated and they themselves accepted that without question till now? Very worried ty

screamadelica Sun 24-Feb-13 10:35:56

Matilda....thanks I just might do that. I have made an app with a solicitor for monday. So will know more then I hope.!!! Thanks again for your reply.

JingleMum Sun 24-Feb-13 14:27:34

scream so the sky & mobile phone bill was in his name & being paid for out of his account since oct 2011 when you made the single person claim? Does the mortgage payment come out of his account? Surely this could just be a custody arrangement, it doesn't prove he is living there? Now he has a place of his own i presume he has a council tax bill to show him living at another address? Let us know how you get on at the solicitors.

Also, did they just write to you in january 2013 out of the blue? If you've been single since october 2011, why have they only just picked up on the financial link now?

passingcat Wed 27-Feb-13 16:28:32

Just to say I haven't logged in for a few days as I've been very unwell with my asthma. I appreciate so much of the advise on here but was taken aback by some! If i didn't answer you it is because I'm unwell and stressed out. All I can say is I applied for child tax credit on the advice of the operator, giving correct and truthful deatails. A citeria that they now say you must meet was never put forth-ever! ie: the separated partner can not be paying any of the bills e.t.c.. that has just be thrust at so many people. I will ask why all these questions were not put in the original application. Is looking like I might have to pay it back, but it was claimed in good faith and two advisors telling me to go ahead with few questions asked. Thanks again to all the really nice people who tried to help. I won't be back to the forum so everyone have a great day and hopefully anyone else in this mess can benefit from all the good advice given here. Basically our country is bankrupt and they can't really afford to pay anyone tax credits.Take Care.

alip76 Wed 12-Jun-13 20:52:41

Hi- issue with letter from HMRC stating that they calculate my weekly childcare cost to be £18/week (!) when my actual is £129. I sent proof of my payment history from my nursery so not sure how they have arrived at this figure. I pay £234 per month (thru childcare vouchers, therefore legally avoiding paying tax & NI on this sum, and my ex husband also says £234 the same way) and I also pay an additional £20/month to top up to the actual monthly figure of approx £558/month.
My guess is that they believe the childcare vouchers to be 'free money' i obtain rather than paid for directly to the nursery by me from my salary, so have arrived at their £18/week figure due to this.
Can anyone offer any help as I am concerned my tax credit payments will be significantly reduced and i cannot speak to anyone til tomorrow morning- i'm not going to be able to sleep tonight as i'm so worried by the letter :-(

Sidge Wed 12-Jun-13 21:39:08

alip76 I believe your eligibility for the childcare element of Tax Credits is reduced when you use childcare vouchers; you can't claim the full entitlement for both.

Have a look here

J91983 Sat 06-Jul-13 12:29:17

You've not done anything wrong,every person has a diff situation I've been accused,received my letter about mr x who is not here.I rang straight away to get a delightful officer at Preston who over the phone stopped my award! They're not allowed to do by the way.He Didnt tell me what evidence was needed etc but reading on here I proceeded to send relavant proof with the backing of my mp.4 wks with no money now and my evidence slowly being returned as "insufficient" he ignored my pleas that myself & homosexual cousin now live together as his mum & my dad both died 12hrs apart dec 17th 2012,he's my best friend & family he's on my council tax but evidence is being ignored each officer is luck of the draw,my evidence would b more than enough with 1 officer yet another dismissed!! They make it up as they go along every household is different! If you ring & they advise then then they backtrack its their fault not yours appeal I am!! I'm not paying money I do not owe I'm certainly not giving in when they are NOT listening trying to bully ppl they can kiss it.dwp clearly state rules hmrc do not,they don't give clear rules as someone already tried "freedom of information act" with the rules us singles should abide by.It was refused! How can the public abide rules,not knowing what's wrong when we do not know the rules??? All we know is were single with no financial help from ex which is the "norm" as single,it's clawing back money by any means possible by hmrc tax credit casualties says it all!! X

gemgem1328 Sat 16-Aug-14 09:27:47

I am having the same situation as alot. I have recieved a letter saying they need to check whether i have another adult living with me. My ex partner and i split in 2012 (we also have a child together) and i rang tax credits housing and everything within the week. He has never had a permanent living address as he has been living in his caravan so all his mail still comes to my house and he has also been using my address for hospital, doctors, dentist, phone, loans and everything like that, i thought it would be ok as we are still on very good terms and we are still very good friends and i would do this for any of my friends. I pay all the bill in my house but gas and elec are prepayment so dont get letters with those. All other bills in my name, i have bank statements proving all my money comes out for shopping etc. ( i am not yet working as i am studying to become self employed). He also still comes round quite alot obviously to see his daughter, i dont allow my daughter to stay with him in the caravan as i dont think its safe enough for her. He does stay on the odd occasion but this is only once or twice a month on the couch. Im just wondering what happens from here if anyone knows please, i need to send bank statements bills etc but does anyone know what will happen after that? After reading these its looking like they are not going to believe that he is not living with me and we are not a couple. Help appreciated thanks x

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