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Career break? What am I allowed to claim?

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NatashaBee Fri 08-Feb-13 12:04:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Fri 08-Feb-13 11:57:02

If your live-in partner is working, you might be entitled to some tax credits (if he earns less than £26K/annum).

LadyKooKoo Fri 08-Feb-13 11:54:56

Go to Entitled To and you will be able to find out.

MildDrPepperAddiction Fri 08-Feb-13 11:33:31

First thread from me, looking for some advice/info.

I'm currently on ML and am contemplating a career break while children are so small as childcare for two is so expensive and would take most of my salary.

We don't currently get tax credits or anything. Would I be entitled to this if I were to take a career break? Anything else?

Thanks in advance

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