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Considering becoming a full time Student - Benefit advice

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CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 31-Jan-13 17:38:37

You should talk to your university's Student Services. The rules are slightly different for full-time students and there are sometimes grants and bursaries available.

PeppermintLatte Thu 31-Jan-13 00:04:35

EDIT forgot to add that universal credit may be in place by Sept 2014, so will I still receive the Universal credit element relating to working? Or will I need to work more than 16 hours to qualify as my child will be at full time school?

PeppermintLatte Wed 30-Jan-13 23:56:34

Hi guys,

Just after a bit of advice as I'm a bit worried.

I'm considering starting Uni in September 2014 (missed this years intake) I'm a lone parent and my child is due to start school also in September 2014.

I currently work 2 days per week whilst she's at private nursery, my earnings aren't great but I do earn a profit. I receive working tax credit.

The plan is to go to Uni, plus keep working 16 hours (mainly 2 evenings a week for a few hours, and all day Saturday whilst my child is with their Dad)

The thing is, would I still be eligible for working tax credit whilst a full time student, as my child would be in school? Would I be expected to work more hours due to my child being school age? I just think I'll struggle greatly without my working tax credit. Would I be better just packing work in, living off my child tax credits and concentrating on my studies?

For what it's worth, I live with my parents since ex left us, can't afford my own place.

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