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Tax credits

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Kafri Thu 24-Jan-13 03:14:06


I misplaced my p60 for tax year 2011/2012 so ave contacted my local tax office who are sending out a breakdown of my income for that year. DH has his p60 so once it arrives I'm going to do the tax credits calculator online.

From what others have said, we won't be entitles to anything as in the 11/12 tax year we earned (just) over the threshold. The thing is that while I earned what I did in that tax year, I don't earn that now (on mat pay now) so obviously things are stretched now, to say the least.

Can anyone give any details on how it all works? I just don't understand how they can base what you're entitied to on what you earned in the mast tax year.

Up until jan 12 I worked 2 jobs which is probably what put us just above the threshold for credits, so if what people have told me is true then ive kinda done myself out of being entitled to a bit of help??? I wouldn't be bothered about this if it wasn't for the fact that I only worked the second job for the fun of it. (I returned part time to a job I used to do full time because I enjoyed it first time round - and to be honest, the staff benefits were far more useful than the small amount I earned in wages fir the few hours I did)

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not after a free ride. Was just trying to see if we would be entitled to any help while things are so tight. I'd be grateful if anyone with more experience in this than me could offer a bit if advice. I've never applie for anything credits/benefits wise so it's all the unknown to me.


CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 24-Jan-13 07:02:14

You need to declare what you earned in the tax year applicable but, if your circumstances have radically changed, follow up with a call to the HMRC Tax Credit Helpline. Details here Maternity pay is handled slightly differently to regular income. The method for calculating income is rather complex, hence why I suggest giving them a call.

BTW... the reason the award goes on the previous year's income is because most tax matters are dealt with one year in arrears. HMRC are far better at getting money in than they are at handing it out

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