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CSA or amicable maintenance

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L4dyluck Wed 23-Jan-13 11:29:10

Hi quick question,

XP is offering to pay £300 maintenance every month,he has worked out that if I go through the CSA They would take £320 ish and says they would take a chunk of that so I would be left with less than £300 anyway.
So 2 questions really
1) How much do the CSA take
2) which is the better option CSA or verbally agreed maintenance
My worry is that he won't pay on time and eventually will stop as its a verbal agreement and he has gone back in some other verbal agreements we made lately. If I go through the CSA at least it will be paid regularly ?

Sorry but this is my first time split and have no clue about any if this!

Thankyou in advance

CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 23-Jan-13 11:58:31

The CSA will deduct a fee in future if the maintenance is paid through the service. I believe it is £20 up front and then 7%-12% of the payment ongoing. There is no fee if you use the CSA calculation but pay it directly. Which is better depends on how trustworthy you believe your ex to be going forward. If you believe he won't pay on time and if he has a history of going back on verbal agreements then it seems to make sense to go the formal route rather than take a chance.

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