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Inform Tax Office about my divorce.

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CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 23-Jan-13 06:51:06

Married couples have been taxed separately since about 1990 so HMRC are not really that worried about your marital status, don't worry. The personal allowance - the amount you can earn before paying tax - is currently £8105. For the 2013/14 tax year (starting in April) that goes up to £9440. Have you declared yourself a non tax-payer for your savings or are they still taxed at source?

Do make sure that you're claiming all the financial help available to people on low income or who are carers. May be worth entering your details into the benefits checker at

101Jo101 Wed 23-Jan-13 01:28:05

Hopefully someone could please advise me. I got divorced about 6 years ago. However, I've got this niggling feeling that I didn't inform the Tax Office. Whoops! There was just so much going on at the time. I've been living off my savings for the past few years as I'm a full-time carer for my elderly parent. The only thing I think that might be affected is the fact that I've been declaring myself as a non-tax payer for the last 6 years as I've only been earning around 3 or 4 thousand pounds a year interest off my savings. I've no other income. I don't know how much I can earn a year before I become a tax payer. And the fact that I'm single now and no longer married, I don't know what difference that makes to how much I can earn. I'm a bit worried that if I ring them they might say I owe them unpaid tax from 2006 up til now. Or are there any other problems that might arise from me telling them? Wish I understood how the hell tax works!!!

Is there anyone more knowledgeable on here than me? I would be very grateful for any advice.

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