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Tax return deadline and working tax credit

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SortingItOut Wed 23-Jan-13 16:47:36

I think there are two issues here - one is the tax return and one is the working tax credit.

If the tax return is not done by 31/1 then it is an automatic £100 fine and then £10 per day up to 90 days until the tax return is filed.

I don't think Tax Credits will give you an extension because the review pack was completed in July/Aug time and at that point you gave an estimate so they expect that within the 6 months you will have the correct figures.

I have to agree with the other poster - tax returns can be completed any time after the end of the financial year. So really you could complete the 2012 tax return on 6th April 2013 instead of waiting until January 2014.

I know this is good in hindsight but maybe you could try it this year.
I also promise to do it asap but always end up leaving mine until January as well but my self-employment equates to about £50!!!

bluecarrot Wed 23-Jan-13 00:05:57

Id call them tomorrow and explain the circumstances and they may be able to extend.

Have you completed yours? Can you help out with his at all?

I always did mine within a few days of the start of the following tax year, otherwise Id be a mess re figures! eek!

dsmama Tue 22-Jan-13 23:44:16

Hello. My husband and I are both seft employed and currently receiving working tax credit. We gave (pretty accurate) estimates for our 11/12 income, on which our payments were calculated. Obviously the deadline for the 11/12 tax return is looming, and I know that we are expected to supply our final figures to the tax credit people by 31.1.13 as well.
The problem is that my husband is grieving for his dad who recently died, and completely overworked. He may not manage to do his tax return in time. Does anyone know what would happen to our WTC payments if this was the case? Would they be stopped?
Thanks in advance.

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