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Does anyone know anything about Car insurance and no claims.

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specialsubject Mon 21-Jan-13 12:55:42

some companies will accept 'named driver no claims', you have to call around and ask. Obviously the no claims depends on who was driving. If the car is hit while parked (been there) the record of no-fault accident goes to the main driver and the named driver remains clean.

you need to declare the accidents as 'no fault' or 'other driver fault', jump through all the hoops and see what they all say. This is why it takes a whole day to sort out car insurance!

ceeveebee Sun 20-Jan-13 20:49:44

I think you only have a 2 year limit in which to transfer Ncb so if the notability company didn't take them on you have probably lost them

NoClaimsConfusion Sun 20-Jan-13 20:38:45

Yes, will call them tomorrow. SHould I call the first policy holder as well as not sure if the motability car insurance comapny would have taken the no claims on iykwim.

ceeveebee Sun 20-Jan-13 20:35:47

I think it depends on your policy, but I know that I don't accrue any no claims bonus while I am a named driver on DHs policy. So if we were to swap with me as policy holder and DH as named driver, we wouldn't have any no claims

Have you called you existing insurance company and asked them?

PandaNot Sun 20-Jan-13 20:35:33

Your current insurer will give you a letter confirming how many year Ncb you have.

NoClaimsConfusion Sun 20-Jan-13 20:32:32

I need to get some car insurance this week, but unsure as to what my no claims is. Will be going on a policy with DH as main driver, myself as second.

I went on his exisiting policy in 2009, he had 5 years no claim then. I had a crash not long after (my fault) and his insurance company said he would lose a year. so down to 4 years.

Then we got a motability car, both named drivers, had two crashes (not at fault both times), have had it for three years.

We have decided not to get another one at renewal so have purchased a car ourselves but we are confused as to what no claims we have, if any and if it would be transferable to a different insurance company.

Thanks for getting this far, hope youre not too confused.

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