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daveserco Fri 11-Jan-13 09:36:20

GyspyTaylor, I work for the csa. This is a general question, does your ex have another case with the csa? On top of that is the £418 a one off payment or are there substantial arrears on the case? Were you given anytimescales for the payment to reach you?

GypsyTaylor Tue 08-Jan-13 20:04:45

Hi, I'm a ma of two girls one from a previous marriage with a violent ex. He has a job and is having £202 a month taken from his wages which is child maintenance. I was supposed to be getting the backdated amount of £418 payed into my acount about a month ago, still have not received sod all from csa, where the hell is it and yes I have called them and they said its still 'processing' I'm fed up of waiting for it. I was going to treat her with it all, it's not for me it's for her. I support my girls and I believe that the money is extra for her to enjoy but I feel sorry for her that it's nearly three months and nothing.

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