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Sending money or foreign currency as a gift within the UK

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dishwashervodkaanddietirnbru Thu 06-Dec-12 17:30:57

p.s. there are fees for buying postal orders

dishwashervodkaanddietirnbru Thu 06-Dec-12 17:28:19

what about love2shop card/vouchers or all4one cards as they can be used in a variety of shops and they are not limited to one place.

Fisharefriendsnotfood Thu 06-Dec-12 17:19:46

Want to send a few hundred so notes out anyway.. Postal order? Or was thinking of vouchers but would prefer the freedom of them receiving money rather than shop credit iykwim

FireOverBethlehem Thu 06-Dec-12 17:07:50

Don't send notes - they have a habit of disappearing out of letters / greetings cards whilst in the post. angry

Fisharefriendsnotfood Thu 06-Dec-12 17:00:47

Ah, meant to add would rather it was anonymous smile

dishwashervodkaanddietirnbru Thu 06-Dec-12 16:52:05

a cheque?

Fisharefriendsnotfood Thu 06-Dec-12 16:46:50

Anyone know the best way of doing this if you don't have the persons bank details? Thanks

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