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Tax credit appeal timescale

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RoomForALittleOne Wed 05-Dec-12 14:36:42

Having spent months of our tax credits being 'under review', a decision has been made that we have been overpaid with regard to our child care. Details are in the next paragraph but you can ignore this if you want!

Basically,we have three children and one went to school as the youngest started childcare. Before and after this change, we had two out of our three children in childcare. We wrote 3 letters telling tax credits of the changes to the child care details (they kept on not updating their system so we kept on writing). Eventually they changed the childcare amount as requested and we assumed that they had changed the named of children in child care that was in the same letter. The letter they sent us said that we had two children in child care and the correct amount of child care fees. Apparently, they didn't change the names of children and we were supposed to be psychic about this given that they only confirm the number of children in child care. They now say that we haven't informed them of the change despite having made one change from the update letter hmm

Anyway, we appealed because they refused to call our paper file back that contains the letters we sent and acknowledge their mistake. Sfter two months they acknowledged our appeal had been reveived and then said that they would make a decision within the next five months and we are not to contact them during that time! Does anyone know if this is normal? Surely that's the worst customer service ever?!

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