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Error in Day / Night Electricity Meter Readings for past FIVE years <panic>

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OneTwoOrThree Thu 29-Nov-12 11:32:23


I've been in my house for 5 years and with the same supplier for all this time. I have today realised that the supplier has got my day and night meter readings the wrong way round.

80-90% of my electricity usage is during the day, and (after my test today) goes through 'reading 1' on my meter.

The remainder is night usage (kids night lights etc) and goes through 'reading 2' on my meter.

I have been giving my provider regular meter readings online, and they have come round regularly (annually or maybe 6 monthly) to take readings. When I input my own, I am asked for reading 1 and reading 2 and I have been inputting these correctly.

When I look at a bill, they don't use the reading 1 / reading 2 terminology, but instead use day & night. I can now see that are charging me night rates for reading 1, and day rates for reading 2 - ie the wrong way round (in my favour, as night electricity is cheaper)

What should I do now? I'm scared I owe them lots and lots of money which I can't afford. Also, I chose my supplier and tarriff based on my usage - I suspect this means that I have chosen the wrong supplier as my usage pattern is different.

Thanks for your help <panicking>

JuliaScurr Thu 29-Nov-12 11:42:07

if they have read the meters themselves, you must have a good case to get it either written off or an easy repayment scheme

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