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ChablisLover Fri 23-Nov-12 09:49:11

thanks - just want someone else to say its not too bad.

Next month wont have the car expenses or the dreaded heating oil so i can trim budget somewhat

cogito - i agree - my overdraft certainly came in useful when the whole RBS bank issues happened in the summer. I Don't bank with them but I get paid through them so until it was processed I was very happy to have the overdraft.

so If its free I will keep it in place rather than having to hand over £25plus for un authorised transactions.

CogitoErgoSometimes Fri 23-Nov-12 08:11:25

It's not bad if it's a one-off and you can trim your budget next month to pay it back and start putting something into savings again. I disagree with the above to remove the facility however. There's always the chance that you dip into the red occasionally through no fault of your own... a cheque clears later than anticipated, for example.... and a free overdraft is far better than paying hand over fist for unauthorised borrowing.

Mum2Fergus Thu 22-Nov-12 22:28:05

No, dont feel bad about it (I assume thats what you want to hear lol) providing you can pay it off. I would say if you've had it for years without using it...why have it?! Free or not there us always the temptation to dip into it. When you're back in credit have bank remove it.

ChablisLover Thu 22-Nov-12 11:51:40

I've slipped slightly into my overdraft this month - it will be by less than £100

my overdraft is £300 no charges

Its due to santa presents and unexpected car costs that (meagre) savings did not cover fully

please tell me its not so bad! feel very guilty

This is the first time in years that this has happened

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