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Can I get ANY financial help????

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Smeeeinit Sun 18-Nov-12 10:43:00

I am self employed earning around 7.5k , I have one son still living at home,aged 20 who was made redundant a year ago and hasn't found work since sad he is in receipt of JSA but it just doesn't cut it!
He's struggling,I'm struggling!
Is there ANY help I can get financially whilst he's job seeking?
I get £33 a week tax credits hmm

dotnet Thu 22-Nov-12 18:13:41

I think joanofarchitrave's suggestions are pretty good - other 'places' he could try with an offer of competitively priced haircuts might be local groups like residents' associations, University of the Third Age (U3A) and churches, all of which are likely to issue newsletters and might be happy to put in a piece for him. Maybe he can find someone to put up a postcard ad on noticeboards at local universities - students will be likely to be interested. There'll be plenty of other things to try as well, if you think hard about it, and don't give up. On the web, see if Gumtree might be worthwhile (and affordable).

cogito's recommendation that you look at the online benefit calculator is a must. A few weeks ago I got housing benefit for an old neighbour of mine, he's in his eighties and now has his rent paid for in full. It was looking at the benefit calculator which tipped me off that he qualified.

lisad123 Mon 19-Nov-12 22:42:02

£7.5k a year for a CM, I take it your places aren't all filled other worse it would be alot more. Any chance your ds could sign on as your helper and allow you to take on more children?

ssd Mon 19-Nov-12 22:35:56


CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 19-Nov-12 10:35:22

I know you didn't ask specifically but it's all part of the equation, isn't it? If the whole household is struggling financially the options are to increase income or reduce costs. If you could take in a paying lodger and your DS sleep on the sofa... why not? BTW... when I mentioned moving location I meant other cities completely, or even considering working abroad. Having personally moved 200 miles from home age 21 to pursue a career I know it's something I'd find far more difficult to do today now I have commitments.

Smeeeinit Mon 19-Nov-12 07:38:14

Ssd .... Stop worrying about my son? Ummm he's my son,ill worry about him until I'm in my grave...and then proberly still go on worrying!

Thanks for all the advice on my job BUT I do know what I'm doing...I've been doing this job long enough to know that 7.5k can turn into 30k practically overnight.
It's a lull at the moment but can change from one phone call.
I really don't need or indeed did i Ask for advice on my job?!

ssd Sun 18-Nov-12 22:39:52

op, I think you need to stop worrying about your son and get yourself something that pays more than 7.5k for full time

why dont you nanny.. .. if you're near London with good links you could get a job that pays well for a live out nanny

your son will get a job one of these days, he sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders, he wont give up till he gets something

to me the problem is your income,not his

mumblechum1 Sun 18-Nov-12 21:57:58

Isn't there anything else you could do which would pay you more than £7,500 for a 52 hour week?

Smeeeinit Sun 18-Nov-12 21:43:36

joan kicking my unemployed son out to move someone who can pay in? Are you serious?! Would you do the same to your children?
He's my son, he has no money and certainly couldn't pay rent!
Why on earth would I want a stranger living in my house rather than my son? I'd rather be penniless with my family than minted and without!!
As for driving lessons..... Around here they are £24 per hour. hmm
I realise you've made some valid points and offered ideas but suggesting I rent his room out kinda swallows up all that advice. hmm

joanofarchitrave Sun 18-Nov-12 21:22:29

That's absolutely brilliant that he has some clients already. So he is self-employed! Fantastic! I wouldn't have had the guts at his age - you must be proud of him.

Could he ring round his clients and offer them one free appointment if they introduce a new client who has at least one haircut? Does he have business cards, is he handing them out? I used a mobile hairdresser while ds was very small, and I got his number through my local residents' association newsletter - well worth using your network to see if you can get similar newsletters to put him in.

I wonder if he could try the volunteering again, perhaps going through an organisation like a large NHS Trust or - it would tend to be large organisations that have more resources to do CRB checks?

It does sound as if all efforts should go towards driving lessons.

The brutal truth is, you probably would be better off if he moved out and you could rent his room out to someone else, though presumably you would have to CRB check them as well given your business.

Smeeeinit Sun 18-Nov-12 16:29:39

I am working full time happy !
I'm a childminder and work 52 hours a week.

HappyMummyOfOne Sun 18-Nov-12 16:08:24

If you are working a little self employed, could you not find a second job. Your son may find work and move out and you will then very much need more income. If your self employed only pays 7.5k and you have no young children to work round it may be better to wind up the business and find full time work.

Smeeeinit Sun 18-Nov-12 16:07:51

Thanks sassy. Something will turn up.... I'm keeping the faith!

1sassylassy Sun 18-Nov-12 16:04:03

Its crap isnt it,ds eventually got took on by the factory that the agency sent him too,the only thing that worked for him whilst with the agency was to keep hassaling them and to make himself available 24/7.I hope he finds something soon.

Smeeeinit Sun 18-Nov-12 16:01:44

Yes sassy he's registered with agencies.
Think the main reason he's not called up by them Is that he doesn't drive so they see this as a problem.
Which tbh it could be!

1sassylassy Sun 18-Nov-12 15:58:46

If he,s prepared to do any job,has he tried the employment agencies,they will be trying to fill shifts this time of the year,he will have to be prepared to work at short notice(ds used to be rung at 5am for a 6am start but one 12 hour day paid more than the dole)

Smeeeinit Sun 18-Nov-12 15:58:18

Oh stripy I have a friend like that on fb!
Moans and groans she can't get a job but has lots of offers that don't "pay enough" ..... Grrrrrrrrrr! Makes me SO angry

StripyShoes Sun 18-Nov-12 15:45:37


StripyShoes Sun 18-Nov-12 15:45:10

smee I didn't mean to offend, honestly. I just got the impression from your posts that he was applying for salon jobs. You hadnt mentioned up to that point that he applied to anything else.

I do understand what the current climate is like, btw. I have friends whose teenagers are also struggling to get work. On the other side of the coin though is my work place who has two positions that are child friendly and we cannot Grr any one to apply. Someone posted in fb that she needed a job, any job, so I offered her a position with us. She didn't take it Wd she saw it as beneath her. And no, it not cleaning toilets (which I have done as a job) it us a normal waitressing position!

Smeeeinit Sun 18-Nov-12 15:03:00

mumble joan good advice.... Already done that and he has a very small numb of home clients.
He's asked in all local salons if he can work for free just to keep his hand in and not have a big gap in his cv but it can't be done due to insurance reasons! Grrrr!
He's also asked in local elderly/care homes to go in on a voluntary basis can do! Health and safety is a pain in the cant even offer your services free!

Smeeeinit Sun 18-Nov-12 14:59:48

stripy do you really think he hasn't already applied for ANY job in the past year?
He's put applications in for anything and everything from shop work to bar work to cleaning to building work name it he's applied. He's VERY lucky if he even gets so much as an acknowledgment of application recieved .

It's generally people that don't understand what the current climate is actually like for unemployed youth that suggest taking ANY job..... For instance he applied for a job in Clinton cards and was up against 56 other applicants.
56 applicants for a p/t job in a card shop?!

joanofarchitrave Sun 18-Nov-12 14:57:30

I second mumblechum - mobile. If he doesn't feel he has enough experience to work on his own, he could specialise in just doing whatever he feels comfortable doing initially? He could do flyers at toddler groups for 'parent and child cuts' with a discount maybe?

In the meantime, could he offer to do some cleaning at a hairdressers' salon? Any work at all in the right place is good. He could be open about wanting a stylist's job in the end, always a good idea.

Also a bit of nepotism always a good idea - could you give him some work? Maybe he could deliver a mailshot for you, do some admin, whatever would help you? I'm not sure whether as a sole trader you can offset his wages against tax - if you are a company, you can.

mumblechum1 Sun 18-Nov-12 14:40:58

If he's qualified, maybe he could set up on his own doing mobile hairdressing? There must be plenty of people who'd rather get their hair done at home than drag their dcs into a salon?

StripyShoes Sun 18-Nov-12 14:36:40

Maybe, and this won't be a popular view, he can take ANY job, just to help out with an income, until an appropriate job comes up?

Smeeeinit Sun 18-Nov-12 14:24:02

Thanks cogito I will
Do the now. smile
We live a stones throw from London and are proberly in the best area for jobs as we can reach so many places through good transport links.
I'm very proactive in helping him find work and we both go out together weekly to do the "door knocking" , he's a hair stylist by trade and he has literally handed/emailed cv's to every salon he could feesably get to for work. That covers all of north and greater London all oh Herts beds and bucks AND still no job.
God it's tough out there. sad

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 18-Nov-12 13:30:17

Have you run your and your DS's details through the online benefit calculator at ('Benefits Search' tab) There may be some pointers there. Your DS almost certainly needs extra help & encouragement finding work if he's been unemployed for so long. Very few jobs, for example, end up in newspapers or Job Centres. Most are found either through word of mouth or by literally knocking on doors. As he's young free and single with no ties (I'm assuming) like DCs or partners, he could also consider moving to a different part of the country if there are more jobs available there.... being flexible about location ups your chances of employment significantly. Good luck

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