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sick of being overdrawn!

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ThatVikRinA22 Tue 13-Nov-12 00:03:59

i got out of my overdraft last month by getting a loan - but my wage just does not cover my outgoings.

i have £81 to last until a week on thursday, but i have one weeks shopping to buy and i will need at least a tank of petrol by then too....

petrol is the bane of my life. i work shifts so cant car share.
shopping normally about £90 for the week - tescos shop and here there is not a budget supermarket, so i find doing an internet tesco shop costs me less as i dont impusle buy....
petrol about £50 per tank and i spend about £250 per month - car is an 11yr old corsa petrol 1.2 litre....cannot afford to change it. i had 6 months car tax to buy in October, if not i would have managed.

pissed off that my wages just dont stretch - on paper they should. We have no luxuries in life at all, we dont eat out, we dont smoke, i buy a box of wine occasionally, we had no holiday this year and my car is 11 years old and fucked

how can i stretch my wage to last without hitting the overdraft again this month? i so want to stay out of it and its pissing me right off. i have nothing in the freezer so cant really save on the shopping,

i have £81
i will need £140.

ideas please as i am determined not to use my overdraft.

BooyhooRemembering Tue 13-Nov-12 01:03:12

are there any car boot sales on thsi week/weekend taht you could take a car load too or DH could?

BooyhooRemembering Tue 13-Nov-12 01:05:41

it's ok, i know your not using a sob story. ok so it looks liek meals are the only place you can save anything.

ThatVikRinA22 Tue 13-Nov-12 01:07:28

we do have some club card vouchers but we normally save them for the xmas food shop.
i could use them in an emergancy i guess.

we were trying to raise a bit of money on the mortgage - if we stay out of the red there is a chance we can do that. but we have a leak in the bathroom which needs sorting desperately.

god knows what im going to do when we need a new car, though we have a loan which finishes in March. not thinking about the other loan that we took to pay the overdraft

BooyhooRemembering Tue 13-Nov-12 01:12:42

((hugs)) vicar. i've been there. it's fucking shit beyond shit. my friend is there right now and i'm not even able to help her beyond a tenner here and there for electric or for her food shopping. she comes to mine for her lunch. and she fucking hates having to do it.

ThatVikRinA22 Tue 13-Nov-12 01:14:35

i think i can save something on the shopping - i can use my vouchers - xmas will have to take care of itself! .i am working 7 days this week though and one of those is training which is a bit further to travel.....that said i have about 1/2 tank in now which will probably take me to about i reckon another 1/2 will take me through until tues when i finish my working week.

ThatVikRinA22 Tue 13-Nov-12 01:19:13

ha....just realised i need a prescription too.

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Tue 13-Nov-12 01:20:05

I only ever use half the washing powder you're meant to use and it's fine- unless stuff is really really dirty- like rugby kit or something. I also dilute washing up liquid.

Go semi-vegetarian- things like dhal, bean casserole etc are really cheap to make and tasty. Buy a sack of potatoes from a farmer if you're rural, rather than bags from the supermarket.

Assuming you're already buying value veg, pasta, rice etc.

ThatVikRinA22 Tue 13-Nov-12 01:22:29

always get value veg, (really no difference!) dont tend to eat pasta or rice but will do this week!

i think some soups will be cheap and i can take them to work. DH just told me he hasnt bought the meat for the meals this week yet so i will rehash the meal plan.

ThatVikRinA22 Tue 13-Nov-12 01:25:58

anyone got any cheapy meal ideas please?

am off to bed but will check back tomorrow. im not on the bones of my arse - its just for this week.
(i do have 11 hours of overtime to come this month for the EDL march but thats the first ever overtime ive claimed in over 2 years...)

just am absolutely determined not to go back into the overdraft. thank you all for the suggestions.

meal ideas would be great.

BooyhooRemembering Tue 13-Nov-12 01:29:18

look for reduced cans of soup, veg etc. ones that have a dent in them. i've found micro meals for 1 in asda for 5p each because they only have 1 day left on useby date. if you go in about half 8 you should get some good reductions. not sure if tesco do the same thing. same with things liek sausage roll mulitipacks, sandwiches, some meat (be careful though!)

BooyhooRemembering Tue 13-Nov-12 01:30:50

i'm useless with making cheap meals, i just buy cheap food and do what i can with it. if you put a post on teh food section you will get some great suggestions.

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief Tue 13-Nov-12 01:32:54

Another small tip- don't buy cling film. Buy aluminium foil and re-use. You can feel like an eco-warrior whilst also saving money. I remember when I was a kid, woe betide me if I scrunched up my sandwich foil rather than folded it grin

MrsGrieves Tue 13-Nov-12 01:36:50

Tis a nightmare Vicar, we are only on one wage, but even on 2 full time wages we would not be much better off.

Shopping daily I find is a necessary evil some times, we seem to spend so much more when we do this though. A few baked potato days help, I found a washing gel at Tesco which was a pound and pretty good, essentuals or summat, I actually thought that it was fabric softener, but it does the job and lasts for ages.

When we shop daily we tend to go to the tesco metro or Iceland,which sound cheap, but are not really.

Meal planning and online shopping is the best way forward whichever shop you use.

I find myself saying "I WILL buy this, this month" "I WILL pay this bill this month" but it doesn't happen blush <slaps self>

starsandunicorns Tue 13-Nov-12 01:44:27

If u can get any cheapo bread and cheap rasins make bread and butter pudding i do most weeks my dp takes it to work for his tea understand ref shift work both i and dp are angency workers so we never know what work we have and we always do nights to its horid though i also make a load of boloagense sause split it then have chilli and spag bol not to much meat aload of veg cerley peppers mushrooms fozen peas also make mademade sausage rolls long ones for pack up or for tea serve with mash and baked beans hope that helps i feel your pain

Loveweekends10 Tue 13-Nov-12 04:48:25

Go onto moneysavingexpert debt free forum and post a statement of affairs for people to help you.

mortimersraven Tue 13-Nov-12 05:04:41

I second loveweekends advice - is fantastic for advice on ways to adjust your finances for long-term change.

dotnet Tue 13-Nov-12 08:08:01

Hello - I bet you have books you could sell. Mind you, books are usually bought by second hand bookshops for not very much at all - but half a dozen or more books for a fiver... well, five pounds is VERY usefull when you're stuck.

prettybird Tue 13-Nov-12 08:18:33

I improved my petrol consumption by 10-20% by being reeaaally light on the accelerator pedal and by trying to anticipate the traffic ahead of me so that instead of braking, I would just start coasting/take my foot off the accelerator.

At traffic lights I know, where I'm going to be stopped for more 20seconds, I switch the engine off.

I also started being very observant of speed limits in town blush but I'm sure you already are good about that winkgrin

slartybartfast Tue 13-Nov-12 08:25:57

HAVE YOU checked your bills vicar in case you are in credit anywhere, utility bills, ask for a refund?

JodieHarsh Tue 13-Nov-12 08:55:50

Hey Vic. Look pal, I don't think we've ever corresponded, but I'm a copper's wife, and I understand, and I thank you etc. etc., and here are some cheap meal ideas, which I hope help (we have been through periods of staggering brokeness too!)

Flatbread pizza
Make a soft, not too wet dough out of flour (I always use Value), salt, pepper, and a little warm water. Roll into discs. Cook on both sides in the frying pan (dry is fine). Top with whatever you've got - I used Value chopped tomatoes with a pinch of dried herbs as the tomato sauce. Roast veg with a bit of cheese, tinned sardines, and torn up bits of ham are all good. This is MUCH nicer than it sounds.

If you have a breadmaker, get into the habit of using it. Bread is pence, and you can make really good pizza dough.

Bean and veg stews
We eat this about 3 times a week. Buy tinned beans in bulk - butter beans are lush. Courgettes are unbelievably cheap at the moment and I eat them until I'm surprised I'm not green. Use the liquour in the tin of beans as the basis of the soupy bit, and tinker with flavourings: a couple of chopped tomatoes, some stock, a splash of wine if you have it, are all good. It's based on something Nigel Wotsit cooks out of his allotment veg <rolls eyes>. Top with crumbled feta if you have it. It's worth remembering that Sainsbo's feta is about 80p.

Butternut Squash curry
Squash this time of year is cheap and plentiful, and they keep forever, including even when they've already been cut. When you have money to hand I recommend getting 3 or 4 monsters in and having them as a standby. They look good, too.

I make a basic Indian homestyle curry by sweating onion, garlic and ginger (when I have it), then adding 1tsp each of cumin, coriander and turmeric. Some bashed up peppercorns (according to taste) and a pinch of dried chilli flakes go in, with a tin of tomatoes. Simmer this until it thickens a bit. This is the basis of most curries I make - on high days and holidays and paydays you can add creamed coconut or ground almonds, and meat. On frugal days leave it at this, and tip in your veg. Remember butternut squash takes a bit longer than other curries.

I recommend going to 'ethnic' (hate that word but you know what I mean) shops for big bags of rice on payday, then you know it's hanging about when you need it.

Dhal and hard boiled egg

This isn't as farty as it sounds. I won't patronise you by giving you a recipe as there are loads online, but it's cheap, filling, and staggeringly nutritious.

Don't forget that flapjack and scones are very cheap to make, and great for taking as an addition to packed lunches. You only ever need to buy Value baking ingredients unless you ACTUALLLY have Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry coming to tea. If you have a baking day once a week and pop things in the freezer, when the lean times come you open it up and, by Jove, TREATS, egad!

Also - apples are v. cheap and great baked if you stuff them with a bit of butter and sugar and some dried fruit (again, a big up to Sainsbo's economy dried fruit bag).

And I know it's a tired old MN trope but the wise use of a chicken genuinely does last 3 days. If you want dumplings with chicken soup made at the very end of the poor chicken's lifespan, all you need to do is take about 4oz self raising flour (or plain flour with a good tsp of baking powder), pop a mixture of about 1 part oil to 2 parts milk, season with salt and pepper and dried herbs, and plop into the soup on a low simmer. That gives a meal at about 50p a head an no-one I know ever turned it down.

I'm sure I'll think of more. Iwas brought up eating very frugally and never use anything pre-prepared, so that even when there is money knocking about (rarely) we still eat a bit like there's rationing still on.

Good luck! x

JodieHarsh Tue 13-Nov-12 09:02:58

Oh, forgot my favourite

Delia's emergency mouldy vegetable gratin thing

We eat this whenever the house contains nowt but some milk on the turn, half a mouldy broccoli, one onion and some rather tired cheese.

Basically, cook some rice. Or cous-cous. Or brown rice. Whatever grainy stuff you have. Layer it in the bottom of an oven proof dish (Delia would have you cooking it in stock with onions and olive oil, but what she SHE know eh?).

Roast some veg. Whatever you have is fine including tomatoes, cauliflower, white onions, red onions, courgette - sling the whole lot in.

Make a cheese sauce. If you're low on milk you can get away with half milk, half water. If you're low on cheese, don't forget that a spot of mustard helps things along.

When the veg are roasted, lay them on top of the rice. Pour over the cheese sauce. If you have some extra cheese, sprinkle on top. Crumbling up a slice of bread over it is also good.

REturn to a moderate oven and bake for about, ooo, 20 minutes?

This is considerably greater than the sum of its parts, and fills you up like a good 'un, epsecially if you use brown rice.

slartybartfast Tue 13-Nov-12 09:07:45

can you put off your training day which is a bit further you say? or car share for that?

Flippityjig Tue 13-Nov-12 09:38:54

Have a week of using up everything in your cupboards, all the tins, make root veg soup in the slow cooker for lunch (just put in chopped up veg and stock and seasoning, leave all day then put in the blender in the evening/when finished.

Only buy what you need. Eat only basic range from Tescos this week - you can shave loads off your bill that way. Basic cereal is really cheap, basic mince. It's only one week...

Good luck.

prettybird Tue 13-Nov-12 10:01:42

Tesco are doing their Clubcard promotion at the moment: everything over £5 can be doubled up to spend in defined areas (except food, I think).

If there is anything you are planning to get as Christmas present that could be got from Tesco, that is one way of halving the cost.

Doesn't solve your short term cash flow problem, but something to think about.

ThatVikRinA22 Tue 13-Nov-12 11:35:14

thank you all for the tips and ideas. Appreciate the meal ideas jodie - am also going to find a thread on here i started yonks ago on soups recipes - i did some back then and they were fab and really cheap and easy to do and i can freeze and take some to work.

i get paid a week on thurs - just got to manage till then and i should get that bit of overtime which will ease things for next month.

it just feels like its all work and no play. i look at colleagues and they are buying new cars and going out and going on hols and weekends away and ive no idea how they afford it but i suppose most live much more locally than i do.

anyway. i have vowed to stop moaning quite so much! starting now!
thanks guys.

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