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PPI with car finance - advice please

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tanfastic Fri 09-Nov-12 15:38:40

I've just done an Experian report and forgot that I had a car loan with Peugeot back in 2006 which I paid off in 2009. On the back of the agreement there are no boxes that have been ticked to say I am paying any kind of PPI but when i've worked out the loan, the interest and the monthly repayments they are out by at least 2k. I can't see where they have factored in this 2k. When i've looked at the PPI charges and added those on it works out almost exact.

Is it possible that they didn't put a X in the box on the back of the agreement until after i'd signed it hoping that I wouldn't notice? If so what are the chances of the dealership (which I understand are the ones you have to refer the claim to as they were the ones that sold you the PPI) owning up to this? I only have my copy of the agreement and the original will be with them I assume. I will ask them for a copy of my signed agreement but I assume they will be able to doctor it somehow.

The finance company is Banque PSA Finance but i've googled it and the advice is that you have to refer the claim to the dealership who in my case are my local Peugeot garage.

Rockchick1984 Fri 09-Nov-12 21:50:55

Did you calculate the interest yourself or is it printed on the agreement (in £'s rather than %) as it is usually flat rate rather than APR so calculates very differently to how a personal loan with APR is worked out.

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