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Filling in Maternity Allowance form - a couple of questions. Thanks

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DueInSeptember Mon 05-Nov-12 12:05:26

Just fillling in the maternity allowance form (am Self Employed on a very ad-hoc basis).

It asks which days do you normally work - and lists the days of the week to tick. Well, I work when I feel like it and don't do any set days, but may work any of those days, but don't work them every week. Should I tick them all?

It also asks 'What dates were you registered self employed?', should I put the current date (and write present date) or the date I started maternity leave. I am still self employed, just that I have temporarily stopped working due to baby.

Not sure and it doesn't make it clear.

Thanks a lot.

Ginshizz Mon 05-Nov-12 18:45:35

Hi, I am in the same boat re working days - I ticked Monday through to Saturday ... Seems to have been fine and I didn't have any problems with getting maternity allowance.

I think you should use the present date as you are still self employed even on maternity leave. As I understand it, the maternity allowance includes payment of your class 2 NI which carries on throughout maternity leave.

Hope that helps!

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