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what happens to a pension when your husband dies and bereavement allowance?

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goingbacktowork Thu 18-Oct-12 23:02:45

I wonder if anyone can help as I am confused at the information I have seen on this. A friend of mine who has just started to receive a pension has just lost her husband. She thought this would mean that she gets an increased widows pension as she will now no longer benefit from her husbands state pension but it looks like this has been scrapped. Does anyone know what if any changes will be made to her pension now? Many thanks.

LadyLapsang Sat 20-Oct-12 12:58:14

Think it may depend on her circumstances. How old is she; does she have dependent children aged 18 or under; does she work / rough hours pw & earnings?

ClareMarriott Sat 20-Oct-12 21:27:02

As not a lot of information has been given I would suggest your friend checks or about the pension and then about the bereavement allowance. Are they thinking about the £1,000 that used to paid when someone had first died ? Not sure if that has been scrapped or not

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